Meet the Creative Director



My Name is Sandra Edoho, the CEO and Creative Director at Vivabella Designs. When I decided to start an interior company, I only had decor in mind!

At the time I was only equipped with my love for transforming spaces and decorating! I knew how to pull a place together nicely but really limited knowledge on the elements that make GREAT Design! So I decided to equip myself with knowledge.

I am constantly learning and this has helped my company grow from just producing custom Throwpillows to manufacturing quality furniture locally that meet and even surpass international standards!

I have watched as my company continues to grow and I am so excited for the future! I have created this blog to document all our projects and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed creating them!


Project VGC

Creating Unique Bedrooms gets us excited! so when we get a project to turn bedrooms around, we spare no detail!

The brief for this bedroom? A room our baby can grow in & a place for the guests. A multi-functional room is a great idea when the rooms in a home are limited. So one room can actually serve multiple purposes, just like this one.

So we began to think for the future. From experience my baby never really slept in a cot!  So we decided to create a Neutral room that could also double as a guest room.

A neutral room because as baby grows, you can decide to inject his best colours and still keep it really classy and timeless, which is what we strive to achieve with our designs.

I call this room BUTTER! You can almost glide your “bread’ over it and eat. lol

This isn’t your conventional child-like baby room, however, we achieved the brief! A room for the baby and few close family guests that may spend a night or two!

Tell us what you would love to see in a baby room…


The White House Project

This is our Newest Project! Called the White House because we glided on white matte paint on all the walls in this space!

such beautiful precision and detailing was employed for this project. A blend of old methods and new techniques, the coffered ceiling was hand made using POP moulds.

The white paint gives such a crisp backdrop that brings all the design and styling detail to life! The result? An absolutely gorgeous home!

T-Mak Project

This project is dear to our heart because our client trusted us completely to provide a space where she could retreat after her busy travel schedule!

All furniture pieces were custom made for this project by us and we absolutely enjoyed the process!

We always love the process, so here’s a before and after of how this space was transformed